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This applet simulates a system that is owned by a power utility company. The company provides power to three communities. It owns and operates generators (which can be turned on and off in the exercise) and the transmission lines that serve the communties. On this system, it is usually possible for the utility company to supply all of the load demand using the local generators. However, there could be many reasons why this is not possible or most profitable, and then electricity is purchased from or sold to the external system.

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Press the Reset System button. Currently, the system is spending $54,000 per hour to purchase energy from external systems. Can you find a way to set the system so that the power grid does not have to rely on external systems to meet the needs of its customers?

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Power Grid Game

A 2-player game has been developed for this applet. You and a partner will use this applet to play a game in which you will compete to see who is better at controlling unexpected situations that may occur.

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